Welcome to my online portfolio.

I've been working in the animation industry since 1996 and in comics since 2003. I've also worked in both traditional 2D animation and Flash, I've done work as a book illustrator for both fiction and educational material, and I do art commissions for individual clients. I've been a regular artist at many conventions, where I spend my time working on illustrations and teaching at art panels.

I'm comfortable with pencils, inks and markers as much as with a stylus on Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop or Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.

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Resumé: My professional CV and contact information
Storyboards: A selection of storyboard sequences from different animated shows I've worked on
Comics: A collection of comic book pages from various projetcs I've been involved in
Drawings: Some samples of professional and personal character design and illustration work
Flash Animations: A few samples of Flash animated characters and screens

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